The Diary Project I have started

Diary Serie


I have been tough,

I have been sad,

I have been a fighter,

I have been struggling,

I have been happy,

I’m empty,

I’m cracked,

I’m alone

In my world,

I’m best, I’m invisible, I’m wonderful but still broken.

In this place I was so naive, I’m still.

I believed in love, I believed in waiting for it perhaps,

It was a mistake, maybe,

it’s reality…

It doesn’t matter if it’s the right person or not. That doesn’t exist.

I’m not good, I never was, but I tried and still try.

I wanted to be a bad girl but I have failed, that’s not my real nature…

I’m confined with the purity of been free.

– Poisonous when they touched me.

They never appreciate me and never will.

Slow, slow, slow

Call me as that , but I will still try.

I’m happy because I try,

I’m happy because I’m perfect in the way I am,

Heavy roads, blisters, rotting but I will do the best I can, I promise I will !


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