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I’ve been working in multiple series. I’m showing 2 pieces made by rotring pens.

I’m planning to give the serie I’m working as a gift to my boyfriend ( if him still deserve it ).I like the idea of him ,covering his room with everything I do handmade. In this way I will torment his soul hahaha.

I prefer giving him stuff I do ,rather than buying insignificant stuff without meaning. I’m not sure about treasuring him with my pieces because I don’t think he was that nice with me lately so I will see !

I was and still always very thorough.

I remember so many things since small. I used to create too many things since little for people I used to care or individuals who I had empathy. If I get to see, I have not had much luck in that regard; maybe I got the opportunity of being a little bit happy when  I was living with the guy I want but nothing is perfect; there are many things that doesn’t make me proud of, and I suffered more than I expected in that relationship.

I guess, men nowadays are not good, they need to learn to treat a woman so as I have said. I will see if him deserve it.

I have choosen the wrong people since childhood, and today I don’t have real friends, I guess I have him but I’m far way from believing in his good intentions. Actions have told me that his words are not what he really feels.


1.Metamorfosis The tree has grown and the harvest prospered, after so much drought. Still missing 100 years to grow, more stories to tell,more wood to cut, more fertilizer and love.

She wants to be that butterfly; flying free on high. Deep inside , her memories thou live forever, resounding in the depths of her heart, she keep it alive in the midst of loneliness.

When the second illustration it’s finished I will talk more about it.


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