I’m wondering if it is possible that people here read me… I’m not that sure about it but it’s okay ; it’s not like I write here all the time so it’s understandable !

Lately I was in some existential crisis as ”usual” but I guess it happens in several weird times in my life !

I’ve been very sad and melancholic because I was rejected for a job I have applied to, and I was being told that they’d contract me but it didn’t happened.

In the same day some jerk stole me; so practically I’m undocumented, and it wasn’t the first time I have been a victim of robbery. Since that day I’m not feeling good about my future but I guess I have succeeded with the idea of being busy working for personal projects and also my university which it’s something that  despairing too…

When I do this kind of digital illustration it’s when I feel this bad as a representation of a documented retreat for myself, to have a notion of how I was feeling in past ! I’m pretty sure that if I make some prints  with this illustration ,will look utterly beautiful !

I wish you guys the best !



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  1. Research has shown that people overestimate how happy getting a job will make them. You might have gotten that job and not been any happier anyways. Happiness has to be independent from your work. Never rely on a job or degree to make you happy. Good luck!

    1. I’m very grateful that you took your time to say something that had me thinking the whole afternoon.
      Now, the thing is that I’m already happy but probably I’m in mistaken, I was overwhelmed with something that it will not make happy at all as how you have said, the hesitation starts because how society tell you ,that if you don’t have a job ”you’re a waste” but I’m already working by illustrating and I’m advancing in my skills as an artist !
      Thank you for the wise words !

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