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I believe in fraternity and ”it’s curious” when I have never experienced it, in the way I wanted to. Probably when I was little.
I have vague memories , but I used to be very close with my sister and I did protected her while she was little, we used to play together and I had defend her when she was in danger.

Our childhood were mesmerizing but when we started to grow up, our life changed drastically to the worst.
So, I did always wanted or I did have this fantasy of having female friends which were like sisters, protecting each other of the mundane or at least being like nymphs in our perfect world without pain, nor dark sentiments.

With these work, I’m starting to explore my fantasies and fears.

My sisterhood it’s enchanted.
In my lonesomeness, I lack of caring and real people near to me; well they’re real but I don’t think I’m that important even do, the living it’s that difficult for noticing everything that happens all around so, I manifest this shortage by creating this ”Sisterhood ” situated in dark places, surrounding ourselves in the woods where are peaceful and at the same time it represents, loneliness.

We are living in a selfish world and we are filled with self-centered individuals.
Most of them because our system it’s programmed in that way.
As a person who took years to unlearn what I did have learned in my short life.

I will add more information about its meaning”.


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