Dork Gals


Zine’s project / Dork Gals

I haven’t finished. It needs more quotations,drawings  and some collages tooImagen (58) Imagen (56) Imagen (60) Imagen (61) Imagen (65) Imagen (30).

I still have time until I have to return College but first I will be far away from the city that’s why, I have to be more quicker.

In Panama they don’t know what is it a zine, which is ridiculous to me. I have asked too many people and they don’t understood. I’m immersed in documentation and ”perhaps” journalism or expressing my feelings towards something I care about. I’m not good at speaking about my feelings or how do I feel that’s why I prefer draining everything with my artworks and writings.

I hope to bring in this project (zine), the interest in reading in another form.
I want to express my inner self with my artworks, illustration and topics I love or I find exquisite. A zine it’s a perfect example for it, why ? it’s not that complicated, has few words or phrases and it’s illustrated.
What am I teaching with my future zine ? My experience as a human, my interest, that  you can’t criticize a person by how they are without giving them the opportunity to show themselves or at least listening to their story.

My art it’s my story, my influences, inspirations, my world, mind, and the people who touches my heart or even do everything, I despise in this world and what I seek too.

 I’d love to be recognized as the first person that popularized zines ( or actually the one hermit uncanny girl who popularized zine here ).


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