Artistry Life

Doing art it is my life. It’s like an escape from reality ,where all your dreams and fantasies comes true but I have found that it isn’t an easy path for going through ,there are many people who only does art for getting attention, without using conceptual works, etc. They just produce art for being famous and that  makes me sad.

In my country ( Panama ) I can see many talented people but their work it isn’t showed because certain rich people don’t want to let them enter in many cultural activities; they include their friends which doesn’t have any idea of what art consists.

I want to support the people I consider artistic with doing collectives and collaborations together. I promise this will work and in the years coming the artists  will be more open to be more expressive,to help each other because art it is for everyone. It’s amusing, it is love, it is a way to individuals connect with nature, our planet, etc.


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