Leah and Nebulosa

Leah and Nebulosa

Meditation brings you the opportunity to open your shakras and recognize every action you do by them.
We need to know, the importance of its meanings and how many things we can do by controlling them.
In my last works I have mention my interest in spirituality and this explain many of my interventions of it.
Astral travels makes you visit every cosmic plane, planets and dimensions by concentration (meditation ) and believing in it.
They close their eyes and start to feel alive, where everything purifies you.
Belief in yourself.
The universe it’s too perfect with an special architecture where the beginning it’s always the same and ENDLESS !
“I personify my illuminate soul ,” Nubia”, baptized in a nude empress.
“So pure, so calm, she don’t occult herself for the sake of freedom and its galaxy”.
Leah, tired and exhausted starts to connect with Nubia and she get lost in their paradise.


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